Tomai ir'Fallin

The team's first handler. Traitor. Deceased.


First Appearance Assignment 1: Briefings and Introductions

Race Half-elf (both parents half-elf)
Nationality Karrnathi
Known Allegiances The Twelve, though he later betrayed them.


In the Campaign

Tomai was the team’s first handler, and quite powerful within Sharn.


Tomai is a member of the ir’Fallin family, a Karrnathi half-elven noble family who have served the Twelve since its formation. Tomai is the first member known to have deliberately and willingly betrayed the Twelve, though a cousin was once tricked into revealing minor secrets and an uncle once gave out information while incredibly drunk. Both were removed from active duty, their ultimate fates unknown.

Tomai ir'Fallin

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