Agents of the Twelve

Assignment 3: The Necromancer

(5461) tic: *Session Start*
(5461) DM: Six days since the team’s brush with Karrnathi forces, they are summoned to the back room of Alloran’s. Tomai is waiting for them, as usual, and folders are placed at each seat.
(5461) DM: He motions for them to sit. “It seems that Karrnath has a greater presence in Sharn than we thought.” he says. Ho motions for them to open their folders. Inside is a sketch of a young human man, no more than twenty or so.

  • (5476) Gitto opens the folder and looks at the information inside **
    (5461) DM: “This man, Theran Dalnir, is the apprentice of the necromancer you encountered while rescuing Urdan.”
    (5481) Sithobi1 (enter): 20:35
  • (5474) Darrin opwns his folder and looks over the pictures **
    (5465) Sil: ((OMG He’s alive!))
    (5474) Darrin: ((Woot! Welcome!))
    (5461) DM: ((Ooop. Okay, hold on, gonna resend those few lines for Sith))
    (5461) DM: Six days since the team’s brush with Karrnathi forces, they are summoned to the back room of Alloran’s. Tomai is waiting for them, as usual, and folders are placed at each seat.
    (5461) DM: He motions for them to sit. “It seems that Karrnath has a greater presence in Sharn than we thought.” he says. Ho motions for them to open their folders. Inside is a sketch of a young human man, no more than twenty or so.
  • (5474) Darrin opens his folder and looks over the picture **
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “This man, Theran Dalnir, is the apprentice of the necromancer you encountered while rescuing Urdan.”
  • (5465) Sil examines the man in the picture, but doesn’t say anything. **
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “We are still unsure of the number of Karrns in Sharn. We need someone who knows enough, but who is not powerful enough to make capture a difficult option.”
  • (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin motions at the folders. “Dalnir fits perfectly.” **
    (5474) Darrin: "so it would seem… " darrin says. “How much has he learned of these unnatural arts?”
    (5476) Gitto: “so… bring this man… a necromancer.. back alive”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “We don’t believe he has the skill to create undead.”
  • (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin nods at Gitto. “Exactly. We have received information that he is currently staying at an inn in the Middle city, while his mistress searches for…” the half-elf smirks a little “new lodgings.” **
    (5476) Gitto: “we have to worry about him having the power to escape us is all…”
    (5476) Gitto: “shackles might be a good idea..”
    (5481) Sithobi1: “Can he command the great numbers of undead we saw previously? If so…he could prove dangerous. Even if he cannot create them, having control is almost as bad.”
  • (5474) Darrin nods in agreement **
    (5465) Sil: “If it is neccessary, could we kill the man and have Jorasco ressurect him after we bring him to a secure area?”
    (5476) Gitto: ((we have a cleric here… invisibility to undead could be useful))
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “It is unlikely. He may have some undead servitors, but if he had the skill of his mistress, he would not be an apprentice, would he?.”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “No. Aside from the cost, ressurection magic, I am told, does not work that way.”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “The man’s soul could simply refuse to return.”
  • (5465) Sil nods his head slightly, tapping his finger upon his chin, making the clackity-clack of metal upon metal. “But he should not know we are his enemies. Perhaps we could gain access to him by deception?” **
    (5474) Darrin: “There are ways of making dead men talk against their will… BUt that is rather.. expensive… Taking him alive is the best answer..”
  • (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin spreads his hands in a ‘whatever’ gesture. “How you go about it is your concern. So long as you return him, alive, I am satisfied.” **
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “Your payment, if you choose to accept, would be one hundred and fifty gold, each.”
    (5474) Darrin: “What information of hsi whereabouts do we have?”
    (5465) Sil: “And how much time do we have before his Mistress will be likely to be in position to protect him?”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “We have the inn and room he is booked in for the next three days. As for protection, she will be otherwise occupied in the immediate future.”
    (5461) DM: Again, the light smirk brushes across the half-elf’s lips.
    (5474) Darrin: “This sounds a little too easy… And if something sounds too easy it is probably the opposite…”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “True enough. But I have faith in your abilities.”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “So. Do you accept?”
    (5465) Sil: “Of course.”
    (5474) Darrin: Certainly…
  • (5474) Darrin looks over the picture again after giving his responce. **
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “Good. In your folders, you will find the address of the inn where he is lodged, and another not far from it where you are to take him. You will then return here, where you will receive your payment.”
    (5476) Gitto: “yeas”
    (5476) Gitto: “shackles?”
    (5481) Axis: “What about shackles?”
    (5474) Darrin: Poison….
    (5474) Darrin: “A good poison will make him unncontious…. carry him out under the desiguese of a drunk…”
    (5474) Darrin: ((Drow Poison.. 75gp 13 dc ))
  • (5465) Sil grabs the information, as well as the picture. “Manackles aren’t difficult to come by – I know of a number of stores which carry them.” **
  • (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin reaches into his jacket and produces a small pouch of gold. “This should cover shackles easily. Poisons… Yes, that’s a valid approach. I can give you a contact, but I’m afraid you will have to pay for them yourself.” **
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “Or out of your team’s Goodwill fund.”
    (5481) Axis: Or a very heavy suit of armor, one that doesn’t allow much movement.
    (5465) Sil: Sil shakes his head. “That would be a little more of a trial than manackles, I believe.
    (5465) Sil: Though likely less difficult to disguise, I will admit.”
    (5474) Darrin: “Yes, dressing a man in armour is a bit hard to do… Mantacles or poison are the best routes….”
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: ((The pouch holds ten gp))
    (5481) Axis: "If we can keep him still long enough to apply and lock manacles, armor will not take much longer.’
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: “An unconscious man in heavy armour in an inn is likely to draw more attention than a drunk. I will leave the decision to you, but do try and remain invisible.”
    (5474) Darrin: “true enough…” Darrin concedes
    (5465) Sil: “Of course. A big robe should help in disguising his manacles – we could likely find one in the same shop I’m planning on getting the manacles from.”
    (5476) Gitto: “anything is better than nothing”
    (5476) Gitto: “if we do not use them… we can use them on the next guy”
    (5476) Gitto: “he wont be the last I think”
    (5481) Axis: “And someone in manacles is likely to attract less attention than someone in mail?”
    (5465) Sil: “Only if the manacles are visible. This is why I suggested the robe.”
    (5465) Sil: “Not to mention manacles are much cheaper.”
    (5474) Darrin: “I will grab a poison, if ti works it will eb the easiest… if he has the fortitude to resist it then we can move onto the mantacles or armour…”
    (5465) Sil: ((Darrin, I hate to be a bother… but there’s no T in manacles))
    (5481) Axis: (Tentacles, mantacles…Hrm…)
  • (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin produces a quill from within his jacket and scrawls an address on the same sheet of paper as the other addresses. “This is an inn in the lower city. Ask for ‘Toothy Tagan’, and tell them you represent Teimi. He will be able to supply you with poisons or, if not, direct you to another who can.” **
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: ((You’re not getting Ervard’s Black Manacles))
    (5481) Axis: “What about actually getting the man…drunk?”
    (5481) Axis: That’ll be cheapest and easiest.
    (5474) Darrin: ((hehe.. thanks for correcting me.. i’m a terrible speller))
    (5465) Sil: “We could always attempt both.”
    (5465) Sil: “Put the poison in a drink we, or I should say one of us, buys him at the bar of the inn.”
    (5465) Sil: “Of course, this would be simpler if one of us was more… feminine, but unfortunately our party is not equipped well to sedduce most of the male gender.”
    (5481) Axis: “Again, if we’re noticed, that would cause more problems than if we simply continue buying drinks. And there will be many people there; who knows how many might be looking at any one time?”
    (5474) Darrin: Then drunk will be our first option…" Darrin says to Axis.. " then poison…"
  • (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin rises from his seat. “Then I will let you get on with it. I have some business to attend to as well.” he gestures to the door, indicating they should leave. **
  • (5474) Darrin rises, “we shall deliver the man shortly….” he says as he leaves… **
    (5465) Sil: Sil nods his head as he grabs his hat, placing it back upon his head as he leaves.
    (5465) Sil: As he walks out of the building, Sil leads the group to a nearby shop. The outside of it read ’Jak’s Exotic Pleasantries’ and featured a very pink, very flowery logo.
    (5465) Sil: The inside of the shop mainly contains flowers, clothing, and other gift-type items, but Sil simply nods at the proprietor as he walks into a back room which contains more… exotic implements of pleasure. Shortly afterwards, he comes out with a rather fine pair of steel manacles.
    (5465) Sil: He also grabs a large, brown robe from a hanger and walks to the shopkeep and purchases the goods.
    (5461) Tomai ir’Fallin: ((… Why does the warforged know where to buy kinky sex toys?))
    (5465) Sil: ((He likes experimenting with various humanoid emotions)
    (5474) Darrin: ((lol… he wants to know what it is liek to be human.. think data on stra trek who had sex.. but this time it is kinky))
    (5465) Sil: ((exactly, Darrin))
    (5461) DM: ((Ow. I think I just hurt my mind. Carry on.))
    (5465) Sil: ((and, of course, he shows absolutely no embarrasment for any of this))
    (5474) Darrin: ((HEHE… btw, just assume that darrin purchased a single vial of drow poison before reconvinging with the group… unless yo uwnat me to RP it))
  • (5474) Darrin smiles… “Ian interesting palce you’ve taken us too…” he says **
    (5461) DM: ((You came straight from Allorna’s to Sil’s nook of nasty, so…))
    (5474) Darrin: ((kk.. then I’ll role play it if you’d like…))
  • (5474) Darrin “Do they sell.. poison here… ?” he whispers to Sil **
    (5461) DM: ((Tomai gave you the address))
    (5465) Sil: Sil shakes his head. “They sell pleasurable drinks and such, but I don’t believe they’re conventionally classified as poisons, no.”
    (5465) Sil: ((No, not even roofies:/))
    (5474) Darrin: “then we shall go to the palce Tamai has suggested….”
    (5465) Sil: “Agreed. After you, Darrin?”
  • (5474) Darrin nods as he heads out he door **
  • (5476) Gitto does as expected *
    (5461) DM: A skycoach trip later, the team is standing before a tavern in the Lower city. It is, quite frankly, disgraceful. The walls are caked with dirt and grime, to the extent that when touched, your fingers come away black. The locals care primarily human and half-orc, but a few goblinoids lurk in the corners. The barman, a fat, balding human, is washing glasses in water that looks as though it’s been used for the last twelve loads.
    (5461) DM: ((
    standing inside, rather))
    (5481) Axis: “I’m having no part of this poison business. Even at the best of times, poison is chancy.”
    (5474) Darrin: darrin quickly makes his way over to the Barkeep. “I am looking for Toothy Tagan, I am on business for Teimi”
    (5465) Sil: Sil whispers to Axis. “It is no more dangerous than flames or swords, especially when made properly. Poisons are simpler more subtle than the normal ways of dealing with problems.”
    (5461) DM: The man doesn’t even raise an eyebrow, just grunts and nods towards three goblins and a human, huddled in a corner booth.
    (5474) Darrin: Darrin gives to reply to the barkeep as he makes his way to the human with the goblins.. " an unsavory lot…" he thinsk to himself as he approaches them…
  • (5476) Gitto stays in the background ready to bounce heads… **
    (5465) Sil: Sil stays at the back, crossing his arms and attempting to look big and menacing.
    (5461) DM: As they approach, the human looks up at them, smiles with rotting teeth, and excuses himself. One of the goblins studies them for a moment before offering in a voice unpleasant for even a goblin “Yeah?”
    (5474) Darrin: I"I am here to speak with Toothy Tagan…" darrin says in reply…
    (5461) DM: The goblin grins, revealing a mouth of far too many tiny, needle-like teeth. “You’ve found ‘im. What’re y’after?”
    (5474) Darrin: “On business for Teimi.. I need a bit of…” he says as he pauses “poison…” he says softly.. “Nothing deadly, jsut enough to cause a man to sleep a bit… fast acting…”
    (5461) DM: The goblin nods. “Sure, sure. Not cheap, though. Not cheap.” he pauses, as though pondering. “Say… eigh’y gold?”
    (5474) Darrin: "Your gouging me… " Darrin says with a smile… "but it seems fair… he says as he pulls a few coind out of a coin purse on his side “There is eight gold in this purse…” he says as he holds it, placing the coind re removed int oanother pouch…
    (5465) Sil: ((eight?))
    (5474) Darrin: {{Opps ment eighty))
    (5474) Darrin: ((forgot the “y” lol))
    (5461) DM: ((Sorry, are you trying some sleight of hand here, or actually giving him the eighty?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((givign him eighty))
    (5474) Darrin: ((The pouch had 100 in it. had to take it down to eighty))
    (5461) DM: The goblin takes the pouch and slides it down the table to one of the other goblins, who begins counting it. Tagan then slips out of his seat, falling a little off the human-designed height. “Back in a bit.” he says, then walks around behind the bar. A minute later, he emerges and makes his way back to the seat. He looks to his counting companion, who gives him a nod, then produces a flask from his coat, no bigger than a human thumb. “Potent stuff. Have fun, and come back next time you need to be gouged.” He grins again.
    (5465) Sil: Sil stays stock-still near the entrance and waits for the others to exit the tavern before following them out.
    (5474) Darrin: “Well have to see how ywel lthis works first…” he says pocketing the bottle, “Before I leave, can it be ingested or does it need.. direct application to the blood stream?”
    (5474) Darrin: ((ywel = well… Sry, eating while typing atm))
    (5461) DM: ((Hmm… Ok, it’s an injury poison. Do injury poisons function as ingested?))
    (5465) Sil: ((I have no idea))
    (5481) Axis: (No)
    (5474) Darrin: ((did not knwo if you were giving me drow poison or not… ))
    (5461) DM: ((My logic’s thinking they would, so unless anyone’s got anything that specifically states otherwise…))
    (5476) Gitto: ((its injury,… with a wound))
    (5476) Gitto: ((contact you can do with a touch attack))
    (5465) Sil: ((Ingestion isn’t either a touch attack or wounding))
    (5476) Gitto: (reg attack injury)
    (5461) DM: ((Hmm. Nevermind, all good. I found a solution))
    (5476) Gitto: yes
    (5476) Gitto: (no ingested)
    (5474) Darrin: ((I only sked because i’m keeping it in cahracter.. did not know if the poison was drow poison or not))
    (5461) DM: ((Nono, good point.))
    (5461) DM: The goblin nods. “Slip it in their drink they’ll be stone cold within the minute. Unless they’re a dwarf, of course, but that’s a different tale altogether, ain’t it?”
    (5474) Darrin: Me chuckles… “Yes, yes it is…”
    (5474) Darrin: “I will see you again…” darrin says to the man as he turns to leave…
    (5461) DM: Their shady business concluded, the team turns their attention to the abduction.
    (5474) Darrin: Approachign the door, darrin says “Let’s be on our way….”
    (5476) Gitto: “i am ready”
    (5461) DM: Another skycoach trip, and they are in Firelight, Sharn’s red light district. The streets and paths are lined with brothels and cheap taverns, and young and not-so-young women (and a few men) showing far more flesh than is generally considered acceptable for public display.
    (5461) DM: Ignoring the solicitations, the team makes their way to the Griffin’s Head, a little inn-and-tavern squished between a large, two story tavern and a resteurant that looks surprisingly decent, given the surroundings.
    (5461) DM: Theran Dalnir is lodged here, in room four, according to Tomai’s information.
    (5465) Sil: Sil looks at the tavern before turning back to the group. “We should probably come up with a decent reason for being here. Are we celebrating some great victory against evil? Perhaps little Darrin is having a birthday party. Whatever we decide, we should have a story ready.”
    (5474) Darrin: We might be too large of a party.. four of us.. maybe we should enter as two seperate groups…
    (5465) Sil: “Something that would allow us to act flamboyantly would be preferred, I believe – it would let us get close to the mark without being too suspicious.”
    (5474) Darrin: Darrin chuckles a bit.. a flamboyant warforged is a funny thought
    (5465) Sil: “Either that, or we could create a false brawl. Knock into the man, buy him a drink to apologize.”
    (5465) Sil: “Many choices, but if he isn’t in the main room we may have trouble.”
    (5474) Darrin: That is a good idea Merrin says to Sil.. a decent reason for us to be perchasing him a drink…
    (5474) Darrin: ((Grr Darrin…))
    (5465) Sil: “I rather like it myself. What do you think, me and you get into it, you knock him over, pour in the poison? Gitto and Axis could provide backup if the brawl gets serious.”
    (5481) Axis: “Let’s try just talking to him first.”
    (5474) Darrin: Four of us walking int ot talk to him, might be a bit odd don;t you think..
    (5476) Gitto: “how much we we really care?”
    (5474) Darrin: I say one of us go in and scout the place first…
    (5476) Gitto: “I could go in there… bite him and drag him out for all I care”
    (5474) Darrin: Darrin shrugs, I’m sure you could beat down half the tavern and take him.. but that would cause a bit of notice…
    (5465) Sil: “We need to be invisible, remember?”
    (5465) Sil: “We should not bring too much notice to this.”
    (5465) Sil: “I will head in first, you all stagger your way in. We shouldn’t appear to be one group.”
    (5465) Sil: “First, though…”
    (5476) Gitto: “hmmm yeah… that is annoying”
  • (5465) Sil casts Message upon Darrin and Axis. **
    (5461) DM: ((Just pointing out that “invisible” mainly just means ‘people don’t remember you’. In the chaos of a brawl…))
    (5474) Darrin: Darrin nods in agreement to Gitto… "Your way would be much faster… "
    (5476) Gitto: “I will come last… that makes sense right?”
    (5465) Sil: ((true, but we could also get arrested by any passing guards))
    (5465) Sil: Sil removes his hat as he walks into the bar.
    (5474) Darrin: "Guess we take this as it goes… " Darrin says before heading into the bar a few moments after Sil… leaving enough time for his arrival to no be linked
    (5461) DM: The tavern is small, but clean, the smell of what could be lavender wafting through the air. There are six round tables, each large enough to fit six people without being especially crowded. Only three are occupied, however a group that could only be an adventuring party, a human, elf, half-orc and warforged sit enjoying themselves, talking rather loudly about their recent victory over Khyber-spawn in some Brelish village, a greasy-looking fat man sits with a ravishing young woman, trying to ignore the rowdy adventurers, and Theran Dalnir sits across from another, older-looking man, eating and sipping from a glass of wine. His companion has no food or drink before him.
    (5474) Darrin: ((Are there seats at the bar?))
    (5461) DM: ((Six))
    (5465) Sil: Sil approaches the bar, tipping his hat towards the woman as he passes her, and leans down onto a stool three down from Dalnir.
    (5465) Sil: Plopping a few coins onto the bartop, Sil flashes the barkeep a smile. “A mug of your strongest ale, good sir!”
    (5461) DM: ((Nono, sorry, he’s at a table))
    (5465) Sil: ((making me sad Sil’s still going to the bar, then))
    (5461) DM: The barkeep nods with a smile. “Yessir.” he says as he fills a sparkling glass mug from the rightmost of three kegs behind him.
    (5474) Darrin: Entering, Darrin makes his way to the bar but does not take a seat. “A shot!” he says in an overly obnoxious voice “I don’t care what.. just a shot and a ale… he says as he sounds a bit drunk…”
    (5474) Darrin: Skills: Bluff Check [1d20+15] => [12,15] = (27)
    (5461) DM: Putting the glass before Sil, he scoops up the coins. “And how’s your day been?”
    (5474) Darrin: ((Not sure on the proper check to fake being drunk… bluff?))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Aye))
    (5476) Gitto: y
    (5476) Gitto: ((unless you have Profession (Drunk Bum) ranks…))
    (5474) Darrin: ((then Darrin shold be a convincing drunkard))
  • (5461) Barkeep looks up at Darrin. “Certainly, sir. Hold on a minute, I’ll be right with you.” **
    (5474) Darrin: ((lol))
  • (5461) Barkeep taps on the bar to indicate that Darrin should pay. **
    (5465) Sil: Sil nods towards the barkeep. “Most excellent! I made quite the sale today to a… collector of… fine art, shall we say? And now I celebrate my good fortune!”
    (5474) Darrin: "
    (5465) Sil: [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
    (5474) Darrin: wantin’ your pay before you even put down my order…’ he says as he palces a gold coin on the counter.. “that should buy me a few…”
    (5476) Gitto: ((afk 10-15 mins… have to put daughter down))
    (5465) Sil: ((that’s bluff, BTW))
  • (5461) Barkeep ignores Darrin’s complaints, talking to Sil as he pours the ‘drunk’ a glass from the leftmost barrel. “Good news then. What is it that you sell, if I might ask?” **
    (5465) Sil: Sil flashes a metal-y smile. “Why, fine art, as I said! Statues, drawings, the occasional feminine figure!”
    (5474) Darrin: “Where’s my shot….” he says as he takes a drink from the glass
    (5461) Barkeep: “Ahh. Good business?” he asks as he pours a small glass of some thick, black liquid and hands it to Darrin.
    (5465) Sil: “Of course, I’m not good enough to create anything like that myself. More things I find or otherwise acquire. Very profitable, when you’re good.”
    (5465) Sil: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16) Bluff
    (5474) Darrin: “About time!” Darrin says as he slams the drink and chases with twith a drink fo his ale….
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Darrin, can I get a Fort save?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((i’m goign ot use the one roll for bluff untill you want another one…))
    (5474) Darrin: Saving Throws: Fortitude [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Aye, that’s fine. One for each deceit, I figure))
    (5465) Sil: ((‘k, that works fine by me too – nice fort save, BTW))
    (5474) Darrin: ((yeah, i was nervous…))
    (5461) Barkeep: The stuff tastes like licquorice, and sends a vaguely pleasant chill down Darrin’s spine.
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Sith, what’s Axis doing, if anything?))
    (5465) Sil: Sil looks over at Darrin, grinning at the sight of the drink going down his throat. “Ha! You got yourself a woman’s drink! Been a long time since I’ve seen a man willingly imbibe that candy-coated trash!”
    (5481) Axis: ((Waiting with Gitto for a while, until Sil signals him through the Message))
    (5474) Darrin: “Waht was that…” darrin says… “What would an abomination liek you know about men and women….” he says as he stands up and moves over towards Sil…
    (5461) Barkeep: “Might want to keep your voice down there. That guy had three or four last night.” he nods his head towards Theran. “He’s Karrnathi, so… I dunno, maybe the stuff reminds him of home.”
    (5461) Barkeep: “Take a seat there, friend. I don’t tolerate violence in this establishment.”
    (5461) Barkeep: “Here” he says, refilling the glass. “Have another shot.”
    (5474) Darrin: ((Can you show me where the tables are in realtion to where sil and the bar is? most importantly Theran…))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Oh, aye, sorry))
    (5474) Darrin: Seeing the shot Darrin thinks to himself… “Jsut wanted the one for show.. too many and i’l lreally be drunk…”
    (5474) Darrin: ((Holdign action till i can see what the room set up is…))
    (5465) Sil: Sil grins over at Darrin as he grabs the shot the barkeep poured him, then tipped the glass into his own mug before swishing it around a bit and downing the whole thing.
    (5465) Sil: ((he took Darrin’s new shot of candy-drink))
    (5465) Sil: Sil brings his hands up to his throat in an imitation of a gag, attempting to make the normal human-choking noises as he stares at Darrin’s face.
    (5465) Sil: Finally, he breaks out laughing as he shakes his head and tips his glass back to the bartender. “Just as I thought – even mixed with a real man’s drink, the stuff tastes worse than your mother!”
    (5474) Darrin: “What would a walking statue know about taste… Can a thing even taste?” he says as he pours a bit of his cup on the chair.. “excue me chair? did that taste good?” he says as he laughes… “Should have turned you all off after the war….” he says
    (5465) Sil: Sil turns and pushes Darrin backwards, into the table behind him. “And we should have kept on marching and finished you fleshies off!”
    (5465) Sil: Sil whispers slightly as Darrin begins to fall. “Now would be a good time to enter, Axis.”
    (5461) Barkeep: ((AFK one tick))
    (5474) Darrin: ((kk lets hold off till we see where everyoen is located in the room…))
    (5476) Gitto: bak
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Ok, back.))
    (5476) Gitto: when he sees Axis enter… he’ll start counting and come in 144 counts later…
    (5461) Barkeep: ((The circle-like objects are, obviously, tables))
    (5461) Barkeep: The entire tavern is quiet. The adventurers are all looking intently at the brawl in the making, as is Theran’s companion, while Theran himself and the couple look more scared than anything else, eyeing possible escape routes.
    (5476) Gitto: ((who has the poison btw?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((Are you going to palce the peopel around? they all seem to be in the corner to me :-) ))
    (5474) Darrin: ((darrin does))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Oh?))
    (5465) Sil: ((Darrin has the poison))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Uhh… they’re scattered across tables…))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Who else sees them all top-left?
    (5465) Sil: ((they’re all in the top-left to me))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((And can everyone see six tables and a bar))
    (5474) Darrin: ((yeah for me they are all i nthe corner…))
    (5474) Darrin: ((I see 6 tables and a bar.. and everyoen in the corner….))
    (5461) Barkeep: Ok…
    (5465) Sil: ((I see the bar and tables and such))
    (5474) Darrin: ((hey, if everyone is in a dog pile in the corner, it woudl be easy for us to get near him! lol))
    (5476) Gitto: ((better off in a warforges hands… can’t be affected by the poison!! but we will just hope you don’t hit the 5%))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Can someone grab “Theran” and move him?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((yeah.. hehe… darn 5%))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Everyone see that?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((yes))
    (5465) Sil: Weee
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Is Theran now in the top-left, then right one?))
    (5465) Sil: ((See everything good))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((ie, at the table?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((yes.. he os))
    (5476) Gitto: ((one of those men the bartender?))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((No))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Ok, where’s the warforged/golem for everyone?))
    (5474) Darrin: ((at the bar))
    (5465) Sil: ((next to the bar))
    (5481) Axis: Axis enters the room, cloak shrouding his movements, hood up. He sits at a table close to their target, back against the wall.
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Bugger…))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Uhm… ok, hold on. I have a cunning plan.
    (5474) Darrin: ((hehe ok))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Ok, I’ve MSN’d Sith the layout. He’s going to arrange stuff))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((AFK one tick while that happens))
    (5474) Darrin: ((brb 5 min))
    (5481) Axis: ((There we go))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Ok. Everyone got that?))
    (5465) Sil: ((aye aye, cap’n))
    (5474) Darrin: ((Back))
    (5474) Darrin: ((looks good))
    (5461) DM: The entire tavern is quiet. The adventurers are all looking intently at the brawl in the making, as is Theran’s companion, while Theran himself and the couple look more scared than anything else, eyeing possible escape routes.
    (5474) Darrin: “All right all right….” darrin says as he get’s shoved back to the table… “No need to get your metal panties in a bunch…” he says as he moves away from Sil and towards the fat man at the table…
    (5474) Darrin: Takign a seat at the fat mans table with beer in hand he continues his insulting talk of warforged… “Can you believe the nerve of that.. thing..” he says to them…
    (5461) DM: The man smiles nervously, his eyes flicking from the drunk man to the three warforged in the room.
    (5461) DM: ((Four, rather))
    (5465) Sil: Sil steps forwards a bit, looking down at Darrin as he kicks out with one leg and tips Darrin’s chair over. “Do you believe in that nerve, fleshy?”
    (5474) Darrin: ((hehe…))
    (5461) Barkeep: “Alright, both of you stop, now, before I call the guard.”

(5517) Sil: ((Sorry, ‘net disconnected for a moment))
(5461) Barkeep: ((What did you see last?))
(5517) Sil: ((Barkeep warning about calling the guard))
(5481) Axis: Axis leaves as well, bracketing the target.
(5461) Barkeep: Theran’s companion whispers something to him, and they both stand up and move for the door, walking around behind the adventurers so as to keep a distance and obstacles between them and the pair.
(5461) Barkeep: ((That came after that)
(5517) Sil: ((Where’s Axis leaving to?))

  • (5476) Gitto enters… 142… **
    (5476) Gitto: 143
    (5476) Gitto: 144!
    (5474) Darrin: ((Theran and hsi guardian are makign thier way to the door because of our fight…))
    (5517) Sil: (also, the map’s gone funky on me I see no grid, no lines for the tables/etc, and only a few of the icons of the others))
  • (5476) Gitto finds an unused table and sits down… as if he is waiting for someone else to show up **
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Grawr…))
    (5517) Sil: Sil whispers over the message line. “Try and distract the barkeep or keep Theran from leaving”
    (5517) Sil: “But don’t be obvious about it”
    (5474) Darrin: ((Btw.. I’ve got about 30 min left tonight…. ))
    (5461) Barkeep: ((‘k.))
    (5517) Sil: ((Well, let’s try and hurry it up then, eh?)
    (5461) Barkeep: ((Heh. We’ll end on a roll for initiative, most likely ))
    (5476) Gitto: ((wouldn’t leaving be better!))
    (5476) Gitto: ((back alley fight!))
    (5474) Darrin: ((I agree))
    (5517) Sil: ((I thought we wanted to get Theran drunkish? But meh, he has people with him…))
  • (5474) Darrin makes his way to the bar… “let’em leave.. we will get them outside…” he whispers across the bar… “Gitto’s way…” **
    (5474) Darrin: That was ment to say “accross the link…” not “accross the bar” ! lol
    (5517) Sil: Sil grabs Darrin as he tries to pass towards the bar. “Where do you think you’re going? We’re not finished!”
    (5517) Sil: Sil then pushes the human towards the door of the establishment.
    (5474) Darrin: Stmbling, Darrin makes sure that the mark has already left the building… “You want a fight? well then.. let’s take this outside…” he says….
  • (5461) Barkeep offers an apologetic look to his remaining customers. **
    (5461) DM: Theran and friend push open the door, stepping in the cool evening air.
    (5517) Sil: Sil roughly pushes Darrin through the door, purposefully aiming to hit Theran with the smaller man.
    (5461) DM: The other man intercepts the human shield bash, quickly pulling Theran out of the way.
    (5461) DM: The pair step onto the street and begin walking away at a fair speed.
    (5517) Sil: ((I think we’ve completely lost him, guys))
    (5474) Darrin: ((There is always hope))
    (5517) Sil: ((Not really – we can’t just attack them, and otherwise they’re out of here))
    (5474) Darrin: (( we can follow them…))
    (5517) Sil: ((WE can’t – Axis and Gitto can))
    (5517) Sil: ((We’re too conspicous to them now))
    (5474) Darrin: ((True true))
    (5517) Sil: ((Plus, we need to finisht he fight))
  • (5476) Gitto leaves… *
    (5517) Sil: “Axis, hurry up and get Gitto and follow Theran. And we’ll have to talk about letting Theran leave later.”
    (5476) Gitto: (the not so speedy Gitto is in pursuit)
    (5461) DM: ((How fast is he?))
    (5476) Gitto: 20’
    (5474) Darrin: “Hold it there…” Darrin says aloud to the warfordge (sil). "Don’t you want a fair fight? he says as he puts up his “dukes”, lookign quiet the fool.. taking a step back from sil, she starts to act as a man who look rather nervous… Gettign a few feet away, darrin bolts liek a coward from the fight.. finding himself in the nearest alley…
    (5474) Darrin: Skills: Bluff Check [1d20+15] => [20,15] = (35)
    (5461) DM: ((Umm… ok, hate to rain on your parade, but there’s not really any alleys…))
    (5461) DM: ((Sharn. It’s all towers and balconies.))
    (5474) Darrin: ((Ahh true true…))
    (5474) Darrin: ((how many peopel are around us?))
    (5461) DM: ((A light crowd. Mebbe… a dozen or so?))
    (5517) Sil: Sil runs forwards after Darrin, hoping the man would know to follow Theran instead of running down random balconies.
    (5461) DM: ((Anyway, I’m thinking this might be a nice point to segueway to the forums. Hopefully, in two weeks, you can catch up to him, and we can start the session with a fight.))
    (5517) Sil: ((sounds acceptable))
    (5476) Gitto: (ok)
    (5461) DM: *
    End session**

14th of Olarune,
6:00 pm

The evening air is cool as the team steps onto the ten foot wide path that runs around the tower, causing a few to look up as Sil and Darrin shove each other about. Theran and his companion weave through the crowd, trying to lose their pursuers.

(Can I get Spot checks from everyone?)

Gitto looks around…
17 (rolled on Open w/ DM)

Sil’s eyes keep focused upon his quarry, trying not to lose Theran in this false fight with Darrin.

Though the crowd is not very thick, the pair slip into it and try to lose themselves. Sil and Axis quickly lose sight of them, but Darrin and Gitto keep them in view.

The pair are headed towards a bridge between two towers. In the middle of the bridge is a skycoach depot – they’re going to try and make a run for it.

Gitto will try to cut them off if he can… ‘strenously objecting’ to them getting away.

[Session Log]
((Presented below, as pure log, complete with time warp. Should have time during the holidays.))

Gitto is pursuiing as best as he can…. *
[08:48:05] (44) Sil: Sil is still fake-chasing Darrin, keeping on the show that he’s after the warlock and not Theran.
[08:48:34] (34) DM: The pair are about twenty feet or so ahead, walking quickly through the crowd. Gitto’s steady strides are gaining, but slowly, while Darrin and Sil are soon just ten feet behind their real quarry.
[08:49:19] (34) DM: Theran’s ((the apprentice, FYI)) bodyguard puts an arm around his charge and pulls him forward – the pair are making a run for the skycoaches.
[08:49:43] *
(49) Gitto silently curses “dammit” *
[08:51:02] (49) Gitto: “anyway to chase off the skycoaches” he shouts to… anyone that can hear him
[08:52:11] (44) Sil: Muttering to himself, Sil puts on a little more speed as he runs forwards, his hand itching to grab onto the Apprentice as he and Darrin near him.
[08:52:52] (44) Sil: ((too bad I don’t have a Fireball spell or anything else similarly scary:/))
[08:53:25] (34) DM: Darrin, apparently, has a plan to chase off the skycoaches. He pulls his hand back and flings it out, a projectile of eldritch energy soaring over the head of the nearest captain.
[08:54:12] *
(49) Gitto tries to cause some more dismay by shouting “Stop Thief!” *
[08:54:30] (34) DM: Most of the waiting captains look up, watching the apprentice and his bodyguard run towards them. A couple instantly loose themselves from the dock and get out of there, while another couple start beckonging for the pair to run to them.
[08:54:41] (34) DM: ((I think Initiative would be appropriate now)).
[08:54:54] (49) Gitto: Gitto [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5) init
[08:55:06] (49) Gitto: (man I’m a slow tin can!)
[08:55:11] (44) Sil: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[08:55:18] (34) DM: ((Evidently you need some oil))
[08:56:08] (34) DM: ((Sorry, waiting for Darrin’s sheet to load. Won’t be a moment))
[08:57:45] (34) DM: ((My ’net’s been giving me grief…))
[08:58:09] (34) DM: ((Bahh, he can have 2 [1d202] => [17,2] = (19)))
[08:58:33] (34) DM: ((Theran [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5), Bodyguard [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)))
[08:58:39] (49) Gitto: cha ching!
[08:59:01] (34) DM: ((Darrin, Bodyguard, Sil, Theran, Gitto))
[09:00:16] (34) DM: Darrin lobs another ball of energy at one of the captains beckoning the apprentice. It sizzles past his face, and the man quickly drops his outstretched hand.
[09:00:46] (34) DM: Theran is half-running, half-being dragged by his protector towards the nearest skycoach, a small rowboat.
[09:01:10] (34) DM: They both pile onto it, and the thing is off, moving towards the nearest tower.
[09:01:55] (44) Sil: Sil runs forwards, ready to cast a spell… if the coach is within range.
[09:02:12] (34) DM: ((Whoop, slipup – Gitto should act before Theran. You’ll note I lumped the pair together for this first action. I generally bend the rules slightly to make the story easier, but not break them entirely))
[09:02:30] (34) DM: ((What’s the spell, and what’s its range? They’d be about 30 feet away))
[09:02:47] (34) DM: ((They’re on the ‘coach, it’s moving, but hasn’t moved far yet))
[09:04:59] (44) Sil: ((Whelm, 30ft range, nearly useless spell – but the only one that can do anything to them right now:/))
[09:05:14] (34) DM: ((Source? Can’t recall what it does))
[09:05:40] (44) Sil: Attacking the skycoach’s driver, DC14. 1d6 nonlethal damage
[09:05:47] (44) Sil: [1d6] => 6 = (6)
[09:05:49] (44) Sil: PHBII
[09:05:54] (34) DM: ((Ah, right))
[09:06:58] (34) DM: The captain shakes his head as the spell hits him, but remains conscious.
[09:07:09] (34) DM: ((It failed))
[09:07:24] (44) Sil: ((well, sucks))
[09:07:28] (34) DM: ((Theran’s already acted this round, so Gitto))
[09:07:58] (49) Gitto: “nice one… sorry guy” moving as far forward as he can while drawing his bow…
[09:08:01] (49) Gitto: (Mighty+1) C.LBow Attack: Gitto fires his bow 4
4] => [9,4] = (13) Critical on Natural 20
[09:08:06] (49) Gitto: (blech)
[09:08:22] (34) DM: ((Attacking… who?))
[09:08:30] (49) Gitto: (the driver!)
[09:08:30] (44) Sil: ((too bad we never got that damned carpet’s activation word:/))
[09:08:41] (34) DM: ((Hit, roll damage))
[09:08:47] (49) Gitto: Arrow Damage (Mighty 1): Gitto’s arrow does
1] => [2,1] = (3) hps of damage.
[09:08:54] (49) Gitto: (blech part deux)
[09:09:00] (49) Gitto: (Done)
[09:09:57] (34) DM: The man yells out as the arrow hits his shoulder, and the boat dips dangerously close to a tower, but he swerves away at the last moment.
[09:11:02] (34) DM: Darrin launches another blast, sailing through the air towards the captain (([1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)))
[09:11:25] (49) Gitto: (cha ching!)
[09:11:27] (34) DM: (([1d6] => 4 = (4) damage))
[09:11:44] (49) Gitto: ((its the metal version of excitement… )
[09:12:24] (34) DM: The driver slumps forward in his craft, which immediately leans to the side. Theran’s bodyguard snatches the controls, shoving the dead weight over the side.
[09:13:43] (34) DM: The captain falls past the many towers that make up Sharn, limbs dangling limply. As he nears a balcony below, there is a cry, and his unconscious form floats slowly to the ground – a timely featherfall by some local mage.
[09:14:20] (34) DM: The boat swings around a tower, putting it between the craft and the arrows and blasts aimed at it.
[09:14:27] (34) DM: ((Sil))
[09:14:32] (49) Gitto: ((he probably has a feather fall ring… standard issue for skycaptains))
[09:14:48] (44) Sil: ((except he was too unconcious to use it)
[09:15:03] (44) Sil: Sil runs forwards, looking to see if any of the skyboats are still around.
[09:15:16] (34) DM: ((The Sharn watch offers a bount of 5 gp to anyone who casts a featherfall on a falling person – a small fortune))
[09:15:22] (34) DM: ((
[09:15:57] (34) DM: Most of the captains try to shoo Sil away, not wanting anything to do with the lethal chase.
[09:15:57] (49) Gitto: ((think it activates auto))
[09:16:11] (49) Gitto: ((regardles we have a mage o’ matic in play))
[09:16:12] (44) Sil: Most?
[09:16:45] (34) DM: ((Ok, all))
[09:16:45] (49) Gitto: ((now we’ll be expecting a random Mage to catch us when we fall!))
[09:16:48] (49) Gitto: : )
[09:16:56] (34) DM: ((My bad))
[09:17:29] (34) DM: ((Sweet. I can smash your expectations and your spines in one fell swoop… or should I say, fall swoop))
[09:17:54] (44) Sil: (Puns aren’t funny://))
[09:18:28] (44) Sil: Sil jumps at the first skyboat near him, brandishing his rapier towards the captain and snarling in his most menacing voice, “We need to chase that boat!”
[09:18:52] (44) Sil: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26) Intimidate
[09:19:26] (34) DM: The man’s hands are instantly up, the universal gesture of “don’t hurt me”. He scrambles off his carpet and onto the docks. “Take it, just don’t kill me!”
[09:20:05] (44) Sil: “What’s the command word?”
[09:20:17] (34) DM: The man gulps. “Sarna”.
[09:20:47] (44) Sil: Sil nods his head in thanks, speaking the command as he turns his eyes upon his companions.
[09:20:55] (44) Sil: ((Sil’s second magic carpet!)
[09:21:31] (49) Gitto: (i think we wont steal this one… this will get out of hand and the guy will be screwed without his livelyhood)
[09:21:45] (44) Sil: ((I’m planning on returning it later))
[09:22:07] (44) Sil: ((after all, we only need one))
[09:22:16] (34) DM: ((I’m DMing Grand Theft Rug…))
[09:22:41] (49) Gitto: ((Grand Theft Halo))
[09:23:01] (44) Sil: ((what’s that, stealing an angel’s spot?))
[09:23:24] (34) DM: ((Hmm… let’s cut back the jokes and try and keep combat moving, eh? Not that I’m inniocent, of course, but…))
[09:24:00] (34) DM: ((Gitto?))
[09:24:04] * (49) Gitto fires an arrow at the necromancer and jumps on the carpet with Sil *
[09:24:08] (49) Gitto: (Mighty+1) C.LBow Attack: Gitto fires his bow 4
4] => [8,4] = (12) Critical on Natural 20
[09:24:13] (49) Gitto: (twang)
[09:24:25] (49) Gitto: “ok… let us pursue them”
[09:24:27] (49) Gitto: (Done)
[09:24:59] (67) No Name (enter): 21:24
[09:25:14] (34) DM: The arrow comes close, but smashed into the stone wall about two feet from the boat.
[09:29:26] (34) DM: Theran begins to speak and gesture, the unmistakable signs of spellcasting. He finishes thrusting his hand towards the carpet. There is a flash of smoke, a foul stench, like meat left in the sun for a week, and a leering, rotting face appears, an undead beast dropping from nowhere onto the carpet.
[09:30:10] (34) DM: The thing pulls back a fist to punch at Sil, piloting the carpet. (([1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)))
[09:30:27] (34) DM: ((What’s Sil’s AC?))
[09:31:11] (44) Sil: 17
[09:32:05] (34) DM: Darrin gasps at the leering corpse, and flings a blast at it (([1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14), [1d6] => 4 = (4)))
[09:33:16] (34) DM: The undead barely reacts as a hole gets punched through its stomach, still watching Sil with dead eyes, shuffling left and right to try and hit the man.
[09:33:36] (34) DM: The boat swerves around the tower, putting it out of reach, for the moment.
[09:33:41] (34) DM: ((Sil))
[09:34:21] (71) Raziell (enter): 21:34
[09:34:26] (71) Raziell (exit): 21:34
[09:34:30] (44) Sil: Sil twists as he continues piloting the carpet, holding on tight as he attempts to knock the corpse off.
[09:34:47] (44) Sil: “Hold on, boys!”
[09:35:20] (34) DM: ((Sorry, you’re trying to pull some loopy stunts to knock him off?))
[09:35:46] (49) Gitto: (oy!)
[09:35:59] (44) Sil: ((that would be a yes))
[09:36:14] (44) Sil: ((though not too loopy – it’s a bloody stupid undead, I doubt it has good balance))
[09:36:17] (34) DM: ((Both of you, Dex checks))
[09:36:30] (44) Sil: [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
[09:36:37] (34) DM: ((Sil, 4 since you’re the one doing it))
[09:36:47] (49) Gitto: (as in Gitto as well both of you?)
[09:36:53] (44) Sil: ((don’t think I’ll need it))
[09:37:00] (49) Gitto:
1] => [10,1] = (11)

[09:37:03] (34) DM: ((Yes, Gitto as well))
[09:37:07] (34) DM: ((… Ouch.))
[09:37:26] (34) DM: ((Darrin: [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11), Undead: [1d20-1] => [16,-1] = (15)))
[09:37:54] (49) Gitto: ((thats fantastic… I hope Int is your dump stat!))
[09:37:59] (34) DM: ((This is an example of how I don’t fudge the dice – I was going for DC 15))
[09:38:38] (44) Sil: ((sucks://))
[09:39:09] (49) Gitto: ((gets ready to toss 5gp in the air…))
[09:39:14] (44) Sil: ((I was more expecting DC10 and lower dex on the undead:/ Oh well))
[09:39:45] (34) DM: Gitto and Darrin both lurch as Sil swerves and twists the carpet. There is a sickening moment as gravity takes them, pulling them plummeting through the city.
[09:40:21] (34) DM: The undead stumbles, losing its balance, but remains on the carpet ((though it loses its action for the turn))
[09:40:47] (34) DM: ((Gitto? ;p))
[09:41:18] (44) Sil: ((what exactly can he do?))
[09:41:19] (49) Gitto: ((falling?))
[09:41:26] (49) Gitto: ((scream like a girl?))
[09:41:39] (34) DM: ((Pretty much. Just wanted to give the chance to do something, if you could.))
[09:41:43] (34) DM: ((Like that.))
[09:41:59] (27) Crossroad: ((the audience clapped and laughters fill the popcorn gallery)) A shock of cries rise up from the people that has been watching the chase from towers and windows.
[09:42:10] (49) Gitto: ((like shoot Sil in the back?))
[09:42:21] (34) DM: The undead manages to regain its balance, once more trying to get at Sil.
[09:43:08] (44) Sil: ((that reminds me – we are using Action Points in this game, right?))
[09:43:13] (34) DM: ((We are…))
[09:43:40] (44) Sil: ((would have been a perfect use for them just a moment ago;p))
[09:43:41] (34) DM: ((Hands up who forgot about them?))
[09:43:45] (49) Gitto: (((woah… time to whip that out…))
[09:43:54] (49) Gitto: Y
[09:44:32] (49) Gitto:
[1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)

[09:44:41] (49) Gitto: “woah….!”
[09:44:56] (49) Gitto: “stop driving like a nut!”
[09:45:11] (34) DM: ((Ah, we’re pulling a quick backstep, are we?))
[09:45:31] (49) Gitto: ((absolutely))
[09:45:38] (44) Sil: ((not quite how action points work…))
[09:45:46] (34) DM: ((No, it’s not))
[09:45:50] (44) Sil: ((you don’t reroll, you add 1d6))
[09:46:15] (34) DM: ((I’ll allow the backtrack this once – not as an action point, just because I’m a nice guy. Next time, you fall to your deaths, screaming like a little girl))
[09:46:26] (49) Gitto: ((oh I liked it my way much better))
[09:46:31] (44) Sil: ((lol))
[09:46:51] (34) DM: ((Roll 1d6 and add it to your initial roll))
[09:47:11] (49) Gitto: [3d6] => [2,1,1] = (4)
[09:47:16] (34) DM: ((You both rolled 11. Darrin [1d6] => 6 = (6)))
[09:47:27] (49) Gitto: (har that didnt even get me there)
[09:47:31] (49) Gitto: [1d6] => 2 = (2)
[09:47:34] (34) DM: ((No, 1d6))
[09:47:35] (49) Gitto: ((gah…))
[09:48:00] (44) Sil: ((ouch, gitto still falls:/))
[09:48:19] (44) Sil: ((at least you’re a warforged and thus don’t need to worry about bleeding to death after you fall!)
[09:48:22] (34) DM: Darrin teeters, but keeps his place. Gitto does not fare as well. Even as he falls, he snatches at the carpet, but comes away with air in his fingers, plummeting down.
[09:49:00] (34) DM: ((Gitto does nothing but scream, the undead regains his balance, Darrin))
[09:49:46] (49) Gitto: ((can we use my d6 rolls for damage???) : )
[09:49:59] (44) Sil: ((no))
[09:50:07] (34) DM: Darrin clutches at the carpet. “Dive! Catch the warforged!”
[09:50:09] (44) Sil: ((oh, damage on you))
[09:50:12] (44) Sil: ((maybe))
[09:50:40] (34) DM: ((Maybe for the first three dice. Sharn – long way to fall))
[09:50:47] (34) DM: ((Sil))
[09:51:22] (44) Sil: Sil looks back at the undead for a moment before shaking his head and diving once more, swooping down to attempt a catch of his fallen comrade.
[09:52:06] (34) DM: ((Darrin’s Dex roll, against a DC of 15 [1d20+1d6+2] => [7,5,2] = (14)))
[09:52:22] (34) DM: ((Undead’s Dex roll [1d20-1] => [6,-1] = (5)))
[09:52:36] (44) Sil: [1d20+2+4] => [10,2,4] = (16)
[09:53:43] (34) DM: As Sil dives down for Gitto, both Darrin and the undead are flung from the carpet. The undead doesn’t even fall for a full five seconds before disappearing in a puff of smoke, the magic that summoned it expired. Darrin is not in such a lucky position, and starts to fall, screaming.
[09:55:09] (34) DM: Sil races down, gaining on the falling warforged slowly, but surely. Suddenly, the plummeting construct slows, and a mage on a nearby bridge throws his hand up, claiming responsibility. Sil swoops in under Gitto, catching him.
[09:55:49] (49) Gitto: “Thank You!” he shouts at the unseen mage
[09:55:55] (34) DM: Darrin falls too quickly, far beyond a distance at which he could be caught.
[09:56:48] (34) DM: Their quarry is long gone, by now probably hiding in a tower somewhere. One of their number is injured, possible dead. Tomai will not be happy.

And, as expected, he is not. The half-elf sits in stony silence as the team recounts their assignment, and remains silent for a good five minutes afterwards.

Gitto and Sil had taken a brief look around for Darrin, but found no trace of him – even had they found where he landed, it’s quite possible he would have already been picked clean and tossed off the nearest walkway by the time they got to him.

Unbeknownst to them, Darrin was alive, if not well – some mage had taken the watch up on its “bounty” for saving falling people, and he had suffered only bruises, a few scratches, and a wounded ego.

Finally, Tomai speaks. “You failed. You will not be paid. In light of the spectacular work you have performed in the past, I have convinced my superiors to hold off on disciplinary action – however, I warn you, I will not repeat this favour.”

“Now,” he says, taking a breath. “Your next assignment. This one, we have advance intelligence about, which will give you time to prepare.”

“We have discovered that one of our senior agents intends to betray us, defecting to a rival organisation. We are keeping a close eye on him, but intend to let him make his way to their headquarters. At this time, we intend for a number of teams to make simultaneous strikes, from different entry points, hopefully wiping out most of the group’s members.”

“Your goal here is somewhat more straightforward than your previous missions – you must eliminate anyone you encounter. Though the Twelve makes a policy of not relying on divinations, what he have suggests that the area will be heavily defended, and may have other defences – traps, alarms and so on. We also have a sketch of the layout, although it should also not be relied upon, as it is quite likely warded against divinations.”

“As always, you are free to refuse. However, should you accept, you will receive one thousand gold pieces each, five hundred in advance, to equip yourself, and five hundred upon the assignment’s completion.”



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